BD (Becton Dickinson)

After completing the tender process and overcoming fierce competition, McCreery were awarded the job to supply and fit of office furniture for BD, who are a large global medical technology company. Our supply contract included sites in Ireland, the UK, Hungary and Poland.

A best practice study performed by BD before the start of project resulted in a specification of height adjustable desks to be used throughout the offices. The Vildika sit/stand workstations that were used in the project allow the user to sit or stand at various heights during their working day so as to optimise their comfort as it has been recommended by the study that we stand for at least 20% of our day.

The acoustic screens that surround each workstation can also move up and down along with the desk tops. Superior cable management was required to be employed with these mobile workstations otherwise the cabling was becoming an untidy mess. Teknion Projek chairs provide superior ergonomic support at each workstation since their superior adjustability allows for a greater comfort when a user chooses to sit rather than stand. Teknion TekN folding conference tables and Teknion Workday also allowed for a similarly flexible solution in the conference areas.